Egyptian Gaia Energy Cleansing Soap - Ritual Soap Online

Egyptian Gaia Energy Cleansing Soap

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Egyptian Gaia Energy Cleansing Soap - Ritual Soap

Cleanse, Purify & Release..

Wash away negative energy, unwanted attachments & thoughts from your physical & auric body with this divine Australian Energy Cleansing & Exfoliating Soap.

✧ Handmade in Australia using Nubian Incense & Egyptian Essential Oils.

✧  A beautifully cleansing ritual to bring into your daily bathing routine.

✧ Start your day feeling fresh, revitalized & balanced.

✧ Detox & ground after a long, busy or stress filled day.

✧  Perfect for if you have been in places with low vibrating energies or if you have been feeling energetically drained & fatigued. 

Bathing Ritual:

Use cleansing soap on your body (avoid eyes) in the bath or shower when you feel in need of energetic clearing & alignment.

While bathing, chant the mantra:

"I release & wash away all negative energy, low vibrations & all that does not serve me. And so it is."

As the water & soap runs over your body, visualize being surrounded by pure white light as all negativity 7 low energy washes away, leaving your body & auric field cleansed & revitalized.


Glycerine, Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Nubian Incense, Egyptian Oils, Mandarin Essential Oil, Cinnamon.

Note* Contains pure & natural botanical ingredients that are designed to naturally exfoliate the skin. If skin irritation occurs, please discontinue use.