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Custom Ritual Tools

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                        Custom Ritual Tools 

☽ Need a special kit crafted for your event, retreat or sacred gathering?

☽Feeling like your drawn to create a personal ritual based around specific energetic needs in your life?

☽ Want to enrich & enhance your space with fresh energy through a beautiful Smudging Ritual?

☽ Or know of a special boutique, yoga studio or a retreat center that you believe really must carry a Sentient Creations product custom designed to suit their business & tribe?

We design & create holistic tools to be used in partnership with sacred rituals to facilitate the movement & release of energy. These tools may assist you in aligning with your highest calling & empower you to take the time to care & nurture yourself & the space that is around you.

Great care is taken to meticulously & ethically source natural botanicals, feathers, crystals, aromatic white sage & wild harvested palo santo, & to add an abundance of positive intentional elements to our holistic products & gift boxes. We cleanse, smudge & moon bathe all crystals, sage & palo santo before they make their way to you.

Each product is infused with high vibration energy, clear intentions & positive affirmations -  to assist you in grounding, energy clearing, aligning with yourself & source & manifesting your deepest desires.

Have any questions ~ about anything at all? If so, we warmly welcome you to write us a note & we are more than happy to connect & work with you!
Send us a note through your preferred methods of contact below:
Email: connect@sentientcreations.net
Instagram DM: @sentientcreations